Shhhh… It’s a secret.

Since starting this site a few days ago, I have received many “tips” from “angry” people working at Broward Health about the recent “secret” doings at Broward Health.  Most of these tips are anonymous, but when I get the same tip from more than three people, I begin to wonder.  I hope to have the time to delve into some of these at greater depth, but in the meantime, here are some recent tidbits:

Shhhh its a secretEl Sanadi, who became Florida’s Broward Health’s new CEO after he and a handful of Board members orchestrated the ouster of the previous CEO, is apparently making a lot of changes behind closed doors, that should us all and which don’t seem good for Broward’s public Hospital.

After the herculean effort to certify Broward Health as a teaching hospital system through a decades  long and successful (although sometimes bumpy) collaboration with NOVA Southeastern (NSE),  El Sanadi and the Chair of the Board are scuttling the system’s relationship with Broward’s NOVA Southeastern and replacing it with Miami’s FIU.  According to one report, El Sanadi has given instructions not to hire any more Fellowship physicians or interns from NSE.  Apparently, El Sanadi has also made Dr. Kumar (a critical care physician who will be featured in a future article you won’t want to miss) the Medical Director in charge of the FIU program at Broward Health.  This policy change has never been presented to the Board publicly nor has Kumar’s new directorship contract.

In addition to the NSE change, El Sanadi with the Chair and another Board Member are believed to be pushing for a Request for Proposal (RFP)  for security services for their Republican friend ex-sheriff Lamberti.  This policy change also has never been presented to the Board publicly.

It is believed that El Sanadi with the Chair and a different Board Member are asking how they can get the Investment & Pension Committee to send out a new Request for Proposal (RFP) to change the professional finance adviser to Broward Health in favor of a “friend” of the Board member.  It should be noted that this is for an investment and pension portfolio of more than 800 million dollars.  This policy change also has never been presented to the Board publicly.

And if that’s not enough, El Sanadi and the Chair are seemingly working to establish a Kidney transplant center at Broward Health to attract patients from outside of Broward.  Not only is this capability duplicative in the area, but, at a cost of millions of dollars, it has very limited use for the public Broward Health purports to serve. You guessed it.  This policy change also has never been presented to the Board publicly.

One cannot help but wonder how long the other Board Members are going to allow this race to return to the dark days of Broward Health’s past, where Broward Health was little more than a cash register for insider dealing, to continue.  But, I guess the Board needs to be informed first, but shhhh… it’s a secret.